What is the STORY ARC of the ‘True Storytelling’ Leadership Seminar?

We are ‘True Storytelling Seminars’. We conduct seminars in leadership transformation and change. We are located in Denmark and the US.

Jens Larsen and Lena Bruun are in Copenhagen. David Boje and Grace Ann Rosile are in New Mexico.

What to Expect?

Where is your leadership in the STORYTELLING ARC?

In the SOLO LEADER stage, you are in that heroic leader myth, doing your control and micro-managing, part of a hierarchy of domination, engaged in instrumental ethics, doing the best you can do.

The Four Sessions of the Leadership Seminar

Session I The Untruth Leaders Have Been In? For too long leadership has been stuck in command-and-control (top down), micro-managing, and its a waste of human potential, and leading with utilitarian ethics. Principle 1 (True) means “Being-True” ethically-by-answerability, by always Being-Uncovering what is hidden and denied by untruth leading, and by taking situations out of their hiddenness. Principle 2 (Make Room) means respecting and listening to the stories already there before embarking on a strategic initiative.

Session II Where We Are Now? Principle 3 (Plot) means creating a clear direction, but with a twist called Punctum (a layer of passion over it). Principle 4 (Timing) means all kinds of times (clock time, seasons, chronology, and those special opportune moments to act now).

We train you in TRUE STORYTELLING Principles

The TRUE STORYTELLING principles are catalysts for transformation and change in your leadership behavior into ENSEMBLE LEADERSHIP. That means learning to do together-listening, together-telling and using methods of self-correction, in order to move out of the hiding and covering-up.

The CLIMAX Sessions

Session III: The Main Climax is How We Get There? Principle 5 (Helping Story Along) means engaging: (a) critical attunements, such assertively pointing out disclosures of truth, (b) living story webs ore relationship, (c) methods of conversational storytelling with self-correcting moves, and (d) heart-of-Care becoming encounterable in leadership practices. Principle 6 (Staging) means using those attunements that focus a strategy such as material artifacts that guide an audience along a strategic path of attunement by care and understanding, without distracting them into attunements of ambiguity, curiosity (off track), and idle talk.

Session IV: The Denouement is Where We Are Going To Be – Principle 7 (Reflection & Value). In embodied restorying one has learned to move out of problem-saturated SOLO leadership into potentiality of ENSEMBLE leadership. Participants have practiced new skills and been mentored in new True Storytelling capabilities.

The Hosts of True Storytelling Seminars

Jens Larsen

2005 – Present

Does Mountain walks with executives to effect true storytelling transformation experiences with executives. Co-author of True Storytelling Book (Routledge Publishers) with Lena and David.

Grace Ann Rosile

2012 – Present

Author of ensemble leadership and ensemble storytelling approaches. Uses embodied restorying using equine therapy.

Lena Bruun

2008 – Present

Chief designer of the Rock Museum outside Copenhagen.

David M. Boje

1978 – Present

Storytelling researcher, storytelling teacher, storytelling author of 25 books & 150 articles, and storytelling interventionist. Uses embodied restorying using material objects with vibrant energy in sandtray work.

Let’s do TRUE STORYTELLING together.

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