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True Storytelling is Pulling Back the Curtain to Reveal True Sustainability

What is an Example of Sustainability Theater?

Plastics are a global problem, and it’s something that isn’t talked about enough. The plastics building up in landfills and being dumped in the oceans was a subject John Oliver tackled this problem. Did you know that less than 9% of the plastics generated are recycled in the United States.  And it’s not just water bottles.  As the program points out, “Plastic is in everything, from the clothes we wear to the water we drink.”  CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO.

Another example of Sustainability Theater: “Heather Rogers, creator of the 2005 documentary film Gone Tomorrow. The Hidden Life of Garbage and book of the same name,[11] classifies Keep America Beautiful as one of the first greenwashing corporate fronts, alleging that the group was created in response to Vermont’s 1953 attempt to legislate a mandatory deposit to be paid at point of purchase on disposable beverage containers and banning the sale of beer in non-refillable bottles.” This is an example of ‘blame the victim’ a narrative designed to take the spotlight off organizations engaged in the pollution, by blaming the consumers for the unsustainable practices of organizations. It’s what we call Corporate Sustainability Theater. It prevents celebrating Theaters of True Performance of Sustainability CLICK FOR MORE.

This Module Begins with ‘What is True’

Sustainability Has Become Corporate Theater. Can we change the McDonaldization Spectale Theater? Prerequisite is Organizing Developing Changing (ODC 2.0), Then you can enroll to change the spectacle into True Performance

Our Sustainability Theater uses True Storytelling Principles in the First Act, and does Process Improvement in the Second Act, and in the Third Act, a transition from business models no longer acceptable to Truly Ecological Business Models. We actual are leading edge in developing these ecological business models and transforming greenwashing into Performance Theater of Socially and Ecological Responsible Capitalism. A Conscious Capitalism of Performance Theater is possible.

VITA FOR David M. Boje

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Boje, David M.; Rana, Mohammad B. (2020). Defining a Sustainably-Driven Business Modeling Strategy with a ‘Storytelling Science’ Approach. Chapter to appear in Markovic, S., Sancha, C. and Lindgreen, A. (Eds.), Handbook of Sustainability-driven Business Strategies in Practice, Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar. Click here for pre-press pdf.

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We build upon a Module of Foundational Ethics, move to a Module of Organizing, Developing, & Changing (ODC 2.0), and with move into the Module on Sustainability Theater where seven processes are diagnosed, and process improvements actually turn a spectalce-theater in the Theater of Performance. For best results we recommend the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI 2.0).

The ODC 2.0 Module is prerequisite for taking the DEI Module. Here are the study guides for both modules. See the TrueStorytelling.Blog pages to learn more about these truly unique modules:

What are the Processes We Focus Attention on in the SUSTAINABILITY THEATER MODULE?

Sustainability Theater Module goes back stage to diagnose ‘What is True’ about your sustainability program. Facing ‘What is True’ makes it possible to create real improvements in sustainability. Our training module builds a sustainable future for generations to come.

Sustainability Theater Let You Actually pursue the United Nations’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) without making a spectacle of yourself.

Understanding the Sustainable Development Goals: Five Key Questions - UN Tribune

Take a Journey to See True Storytelling Sustainability that is possible to achieve

Our Ecological Business Models transfroms Spectacles of Fakes Sustainability into Theaters of True Performance

We help you develop a sustainability project showcase that demonstrates your skills, your experience, and your ability to produce stunning sustainability results.

The Sustainability Theater Module

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