How does True Storytelling affect True Performance?

True Storytelling can affect True Performance

What is True Storytelling?

True Storytelling Principles give direction to True Storytelling Processes and Tools.

What is True Performance?

Zig Ziglar coined the term, and has motivation tapes and videos you can access.

Zig Ziglar (1926-2012), is widely considered to be the best storyteller. His devotion to what we call ‘True Storytelling’ in leadership, self-image, ethicals of answerability, and visualizing and taking small steps every day to manifest goals have been inspirational to millions.

Example: I attended the Chavez Life Spring Seminar which had lots of Zig Ziglar inspiring message, and bought several Ziglar books. I implemented them in my Personnel company in Las Angeles, and the change in my attitude raised my altitude. Within one month the sales doubled, then tripled by the second month – David M. Boje.

I created used caligraphy to create this card, and gave one to every student I taught at Loyola Marymount University. We did a class icebreaker before every class, when we shouted out these words. My attitude was contagious and I was university and/or college teacher of the year, each year I was there:

Zig Ziglar, attitude | Quotes | Pinterest

This next audio tape contains some of the most motivational storytelling ever.

Zig Ziglar Quotes to Achieve Success in Life - Well Quo

Ziglar’s Wheel of Life. Be true as you look at each life spoke, and set a ‘X’ in each area where you sense it fits at this moment. Then note down ‘why’ you noted your ‘X’ precisely where you noted it — not lower or higher on the scale. As you have filled out the circle connect your X’s. The idea is that a sustainable healthy balance in your life is a round wheel. Lacking attention or nourishment in one or more area will consequently hinder your wheel from turning well-oiled, and that in relation to all and everything in this world that you are interconnected to! It is therefore, on a daily basis, each of us have a responsibility, to aim for balance, and set reasonable goals. That means specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and true goals.

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