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Jens Larsen, David Boje, and Lena Brunn have developed the True Storytelling Principles and a way to implement them in companies, municipalities, education, and communities.

Jens Larsen is founder of Old Friends Industries, project director to make organizations more sustainable. He writes books about ethics and storytelling.

David Boje is Regents Professor at New Mexico State, & honorary doctorate, Aalborg University. He has studied storytelling process for 37 years. He writes books and research articles about storytelling methods.

Lena Brunn is partner in Old Friends Industries, and an experienced fund-raiser, and projects with municipality. She has created prize-winning museum for youth culture, and has been working Roskilde Festival that focuses on sustainability.

Grace Ann Rosile is author of articles on ensemble leadership, ensemble storytelling and the book, Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics. Grace Ann and David are also releasing a book on Conversational Storytelling and Self-Correcting method of storytelling research.

What is the STORYTELLING ARC of the TRUE STORYTELLING Leadership Seminar?

In four sessions you engage in catalysts for changing your leadership practice from a SOLO leader to an ENSEMBLE Leadership. Each session challenges you with new skills and a way to engage in assertively disclosing truth, enabling living story webs, understanding the ensemble interconnectivity processes of self-correcting and reflection. Read More

What are the 7 True Storytelling Principles All about?

From out new book on TRUE STORYTELLING (Routledge) Available in September 2020 from Routledge Publishers

True Storytelling has 7 Surfboard principles, for surfing in ensemble leadership waters. The principles are pointing to a horizontal horizon of times for futuring and for rehistoricizing (reclaiming past moments in support of projects), and a vertical horizon (moving from abstract notions of leadership-in-the-head (aka SOLO leadership) to actual practices of together-listening and together-telling we call ‘Ensemble Leadership. We begin with what is ‘True’? For far too long leaders have been taught to be hiding and disguising, and even closing-off truth in command-and-control top-down hierarchies that are no longer suitable for complexity and dynamic situations we face today. Leaders have ben thrown into imitating the ‘They’ and Being-in-Untruth, covering up and disguising, instead of Uncovering and Disclosing Truth. Being-in-Untruth is stressful and leads to SOLO leadership, a lot of individual leaders instead of Ensemble Leadership. See Articles on Ensemble Leadership: Rosile, G. A., M Boje, D., & Claw, C. M. (2018). Ensemble leadership theory: Collectivist, relational, and heterarchical roots from indigenous contexts. Leadership14(3), 307-328. Ask us for copy of Boje, D. M., Rosile, G. A., Herder, R., & Sanchez, M. (2020). “The Coalition of Immokalee Workers Uses Ensemble Patchwork Social Movement to Overcome Enslavement in Corporate Supply Chains.”. Business and Society: Special Issue on Modern Day Slavery. Garosile@nmsu.edu

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Example of a Blog on P5: Helping story along & P6: Staging by David M. Boje

These are the 7 True Storytelling Principles: You yourself must be true and prepare the energy and effort for a sustainable future Make room: True storytelling makes spaces respecting the stories already there Plot: You must create stories with a clear plot creating direction and help people prioritize Timing: You must have timing Help stories along: You must beContinue reading “Example of a Blog on P5: Helping story along & P6: Staging by David M. Boje”

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