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Jens David and Lena

Jens Larsen, David Boje, and Lena Bruun are authors of the new TRUE STORYTELLING BOOK by ROUTLEDGE – We are storytelling researchers and consultants bringing something new to organization change and strategy.

What we do? Do do True Storytelling seminars on Zoom and in person.

Jens and Lena are located in Copenhagen. David is in New Mexico.

Jens Larsen, David Boje, and Lena Brunn have developed the True Storytelling Principles and a way to implement them in companies, municipalities, education, and communities.

Jens Larsen is founder of Old Friends Industries, project director to make organizations more sustainable. He writes books about ethics and storytelling.

David Boje is Regents Professor at New Mexico State, & honorary doctorate, Aalborg University. He has studied storytelling process for 37 years. He writes books and research articles about storytelling methods.

Lena Brunn is partner in Old Friends Industries, and an experienced fund-raiser, and projects with municipality. She has created prize-winning museum for youth culture, and has been working Roskilde Festival that focuses on sustainability.

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Jens Larsen


Phone: +45 2892 2097

Lena Bruun


+ 45 5359 1966

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